Saturday, February 14, 2015

Our Valentine's pictures!!!!!

Hi, Danielle here!!!!!! We recently did a Valentines photoshoot with our outfits we ar going to wear to our Valentine's party!!!
Here is all of us in our outfits.
L-R: Rebecca, Isabelle, Me (Dani), Alexandria, and Sophie.
First up is the valentine sweetheart Isabelle!!!!!

                                                                    Top: Dolly and Me
                                                                    Jeggings: Walmart
                                                                    Shoes: none
                                                                    Hairstyle: ponytail

And now the lovely Alexandria!!!! (Edit from Alex: The lovely and fashionable!!!!) Alex!!!!!!

Top: Walmart
Skirt: Walmart
Shoes: none (Seriously, does anyone wear shoes!?!?)
Hairstyle: barette
                                                                         And me!!!!!!

                                                              (Shoes!!!!! Finally!!!!)

Sweater: American Girl
Jeans: American Girl
Shoes: Walmart
Hairstyle: none
Now ze lovely Rebecca!!!!!

Outfit: Walmart
Shoes: Walmart
Hairstyle: pigtails

Can't forget my sis Sophie!!!!! (We were separated when we were little, and Mom adopted me and Mom's sister adopted Sophie. So even though Sophie lives with Beckie and I live with Izzy and Alex, we are still sisters.) :)

                                                     My sweater photographs weird. :P

Its pretty funny, even though we are sisters, our personalities are totally different. Sophie loves to dress up and wear poufy skirts, while I prefer my jeans and sneakers. (Like mother, like daughter!!!!)


I hope you enjoyed our outfits!!!!! Don't forget to vote on our poll!!!!!

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