Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Decorations!!!!!

PINK: Isabelle
PURPLE: Danielle
BLUE: Alexandria
 Hello!!!! Isabelle here!!! We just finished decorating our apartment for Valentine's Day!!!! First up is my room!!!! I hung up a paper chain that Danielle and I made.

                                  On my nightstand I have Meet Caroline, and a pink candle.

                                    On my bed I have the remains of a Valentine's cookie. ;)
                                              That's it for my room!!!! My turn!!!!!  Oh boy......

I hung up this fabulous heart banner created by yours truly. (Edit from Izzy: She was dropped on the head as a baby) Izzy!!!!!
                                           I also have a few valentines hanging around. :)

On my bed I have my outfit I picked out to wear for our Valentine's party, and a few more random valentines.

                                                              I'm filling up my wall!!!

                Ashlynn is at her art lessons now, so I will be doing her part if the tour. :)


Honestly, she doesn't have a lot of decorations up, she has most of them in her dorm at college.
what she does have is a little valentine's box with heart candies in it, a fake rose, and a heart candle.
Here is our Valentine box!!!! It is one of Mom's friendship necklace boxes, but she's letting us use it. :)
                                                                     It is getting full!!!

Here is my room!!!! I have a few valentines on my bed.


                                   And I have my little red bag sitting next to my ottoman. :)
                    (Don't tell the other girls, but I have my Valentine's candy stash in there!!!)

That's it for my room!!!!

I'm back with a tour of the living room!!!! On the counter, we have the food set out for our Valentine's party.


                                                       On the wall we have a calendar,

                            and a heart mosaic that Alex made during Camp Doll Diaries. :)
That's it for the tour!!!! Until the next post,
-and Danielle


  1. Seeing my poster on your wall just made my day. ^-^
    Love the decorations; such cute stuff. =)

  2. Awesome decorations! That heart banner is just yas. And Alexandra is so hilarious - she's definitely my new fave of your dolls! :)

    - Ellie

  3. I love this room tour :) where did you get the little red solo cups from?