Friday, May 15, 2015

Camp Doll Diaries prep with Isabelle!!!

 Hello everyone!!! I am SUPER excited because I just found out.......................... I am this year's craft and activities counselor for Camp Doll Diaries!!!!!!!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Today I sat down in Mom's huge tent and got to work. I needed to make two lists of crafts and activities for this summer.
 I knew I wanted to design some tee shirts with the girls this year, but I needed to find some first.
 I  was thinking getting some from Springfield Dolls, and I already have the fabric markers, so that takes care of that. I knew I had to do something with duck tape, especially since mom found the cutest puppy print duck tape at Walmart the other day. And I thought of having a drawing day, and just set out paper and markers and let everyone go wild. ;)

 As far as activities go, I've got several ideas. I had already talked it over with our Registration Advisor and counselor, Alexandria, and she gave me the okay, so we are having a 4th of July parade with fireworks that evening. :) :)

(Mom made all of our nametags on Picmonkey with our favorite colors on the border,
what do you think of mine?)

Anywhoo, I am off to search Youtube and Pinterest for inspiration. If you
have any ideas for crafts or activities, please let me know in the comments!!!

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