Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Setting up camp!!! + updates

Hello everyone!!!
Today, Isabelle, Alexandria, and I are getting set up for Camp Doll Diaries!!!
Somehow, I got volunteered to set up the tent. Cough Alexandria cough

Isabelle finished the sign up sheets and came over to help.
Setting up the tent was hard, we had to put these plastic poles in it and steady it at the same time!!!
(I know it kinda sounds easy, but when you are a doll, it is a workout!!!)

Finally, we got it set up and we moved it inside Mom's huge tent. (So it won't get wet)


I moved all the sleeping bags into the tent. (The bags have craft supplies and things in them)
Isabelle and Alexandria get the staff cabin, Rebecca and Sophie get the light pink tent, and I am alone in the pink camo tent. :(
And then, from what it looks like, Isabelle found my camera and took a bunch of selfies. ;)
THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Isabelle, what are you doing on my post? Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
Anywhoo, Alexandria set out the planners, sign up sheets, and rosters for the counselors and camper info sheets and schedules for the campers.

Isabelle got all her papers and went to go talk to Rebecca and Sophie about cabin and tent names and Alexandria went to find her cabin keys. (She lost them again.) :/ Isabelle says she is having a spare set made because she can't trust Alexandria with them. Well, Mom wants the computer and I need to go pack, so I gotta go!!!
P.S. Do have any good tent or cabin names? If you do, please let me know in the comments!!! :)
Quick note from Marissa:
Thank you guys for your prayers for my Mom. She is doing much better. :)
Thanks again!!!


  1. I need a doll sized tent!! I love your doll diaries camp :) For each cabin/tent name you could name it after birds or trees, just a suggestion ;)

    1. Ooh, that's a great idea!!!! Thank you!!! Have you tried looking on Ebay for doll sized tents? I got mine from Walmart.