Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The dollhouse!!!!


Hello everyone!!!Sorry for the absence lately, I have busy working on........ a dollhouse!!!! My dad, my sister, (who shall go by Owl Lover from now on) and I have been working on it the past few weeks. :)

Here is the white bedroom, (Danielle and Emma Jane's)

The pink bedroom,  (Alexandria and Isabelle)

The kitchen,
Sorry for their messy hair!!! :/
And Rebecca and Sophie's room.(Owl Lovers dolls)  

Here is the white bedroom all decorated.

Danielle's bed,
Emma Jane's bed,
Emma Jane actually has a little shelf to hold her trophies, shopkins, and little trinkets. :)
The vanity dividing the two rooms. The girls keep their belongings in the drawers.
And now onto the decorated pink room!!!

Isabelle's bed,
and Alexandria's bed.

Sophie and Rebecca's room decorated.

And last, but not least, the kitchen. :)

Have a great morning/evening/night!!!


  1. I love the colors that you chose and the kitchen is very cute :)