Monday, November 30, 2015

Kimi's bedroom tour!


 Hello everyone!!! I have Kimi's room almost finished!!! (I am putting her signature here so you can't see it in your feed.) :) I am still adding some finishing touches here and there, but here is the basic room. :)
 She isn't here yet, but I should have her by the end of the week. :D The bedspread is a baby blanket, and the nightstand and desk lamp are from Dollar Tree. The pillows are made by me, and the koala is a McDonalds happy meal toy. :) The posters are from Bing Images. (Kimi loves Lilo and Stich)

I made the rug and the suncatcher, and the summer poster above the nightstand is from Bing Images.
It says ''Wake me up when summer begins.'' And that is the basic room!!! I have some more posters to put up yet. :) Any guesses on what number Kimi is and her personality?  Leave your guesses
below. The closest doll number guess gets a shoutout on my Meet Kimi post. :)
Have a great evening!!! ~Marissa


  1. I'm going to guess #47 again or #44.

  2. I think she is 62...the one with the Sonali mold. And it looks to me like she will love warm weather, be really peppy and love to make friends! :)