Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving dinner and new sister rumors.

Green: Emma Jane
Blue: Alexandria
Pink: Isabelle
I walked into the living room, with today's mail in my hand. All junk, except for a letter addressed to Alexandria. I sigh as I see Isabelle at work in the kitchen. "Isabelle, you need to take a break. You have been cooking nonstop all day."

"Thanks Emma Jane, but I need to keep working. This is a very important Thanksgiving.''
''Why so?''  Isabelle sat down on the couch and sighed.
''This is our first Thanksgiving together. Last Thanksgiving it was just me and Alexandria. Mom is always so busy with her own Thanksgiving plans, so this year I'm taking matters into my own hands. This is gonna be the best Thanksgiving yet!!!'' Isabelle said.  And with that she sat up and began to stick a pan of rolls in the oven.

I rolled my eyes, grabbed Alexandria's letter, and headed upstairs. When I went into the bedroom, Alexandria was laying on the bed, playing on her iPad.  "Mail's here. Letter for you." I say tossing it on the nightstand.  ''Thanks.'' She muttered, before turning back to her iPad. ''Whatcha doing?'' ''Just emailing a pen pal.'' ''Okay, I don't know you extremely well, but I do know you well enough to know that yor are not emailing a pen pal." I plop down on the bed beside her. ''Can you keep a secret?'' ''Well duh!!! Obviously. Alexandria opens her photos app and shows me a picture of a girl. ''In a way, I am emailing a pen pal. Her name is Kimi. ''And?'''She moves a lot.  She is from Africa, but she currently lives in Hawaii. She is 13, my age.''
''So? What's the point?'' ''The point is, Kimi is getting adopted soon. But she isn't going to just any family. She is coming here!!'' Alexandria says, thrilled. She will be here in a few weeks, hopefully. ''Really?!?! No way.''  ''Yes way!!! But from now until she arrives,  this is our little secret. I want it to be a surprise for Dani and Isabelle.'' ''Your secret is safe with me.''  ''Thanks.''

Hello! I realized I haven't posted a photo story in a long time, so I hoped you enjoyed it. :) I am experimenting with different font colors and blog designs, so tell me what you think in the comments!! I ordered a new doll a few days ago, she should be here in a few weeks. I haved decided to name her Kimi. Any guesses on which doll? Have a great Thanksgiving!!!
P.S. 31 days until Christmas!!! :D :D


  1. I love this photostory! I wonder who the new sister is? I am so curious!:D