Friday, June 24, 2016

American Girl Release: My thoughts

Hello!!! Today I shall explain my thoughts on the new AG release. :) I didn't include the Wellie Wisher stuff, just because it's kinda kiddish and I don't really care for it. It's cute, and Camille is really cute, but, no. Anywhoo, on to my thoughts!!! (That sounds weird..)  (All stock photos belong to American Girl, they are not mine)

First off, I LOVE that some outfits you can buy prices separately. Good job AG. Second, THAT FLANNEL SHIRT IS ADORABLE!!!! Probably one of my favorite things from the release. :D

cute, although I miss all the Couconut themed pajamas. :(

The bedding is really pretty!!! It seems like every so often, they retire the bed, and then re-release the same bed, with different bedding. Something different would be cool, like the bouquet bed for example.

Umm, no thanks...

This is cute. While I can't see me getting it, my slightly cat crazy sister would love it. ;)

AHHHHH!!!! SOO CUTTEEE!!! I love this so much, down to the fact it folds up like a real pop up, all the cute accessories, and the fact it takes up little storage and is about 150 dollars cheaper than Lanies camper. :D My other favorite thing from the release. ;)

Umm, again, no. 70 dollars for a tent and lantern?!? No. You can just as well buy an OG or My Life As tent that comes with either a chair, fireplace, and cooler, or a water bottle, a few pots and spoons, a campfire sing along book, and a harmonica for $20-$30. 

It's okay... The leggings are cute and would match nicely with my AG place pink side tie tee, but other than that, I wouldn buy it.

I like how some outfits are blue, instead o the normal pink, coral, gray, and purple. It's pretty, but gets boring after a while. But I don't really care for the outfit.

See rant about tent above.. ^^  Again, $42 for accessories that should have come with the tent?!? Nope, no thanks.

Aww, little Kawaii Kitty sweater...

Ew. Sorry, but I never have been one to like the poufy bubble skirts and tops.

Anyway, that is my thoughts on the release!! What do you think about it?? If I would buy anything, it would be the plaid flannel and the pop up camper, alothough I am thinking about saving up my money and buying from, aka My Dolls Life. 
They have pretty separates, and are fairly cheaper. ;) ~Marissa


  1. I love pretty much everything AG made, especially the plaid flannel and denim jacket hoodie shirt!;) I totally agree with you about the prices, they're totally insane! I mean, what little girl is gonna be able to pay $200-ish for some of these things? Some kids don't even make that within a few years of saving! It's crazy!

  2. Hey, Marissa! Just wanted to remind you that Camp Dolliwatha has started, and you have the third week: August 1 - 6. Will you have your crafts ready by then?

    And at the end of every craft post, could you write "If you made this craft, email Loren up to three pictures at She’ll include your photo(s) in the weekly Camp Dolliwatha recap post on Saturday!"?

    Thanks. :)