Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Camp Dolliwatha: Back To School fun Finds!!!

Hello, and welcome to the second day of the "back to school" week of Camp Dolliwatha!! Today is some random school themed fun finds!!!  

First up is this little easel. :) I found it at Walmart for about 2 dollars. It folds up to take up less space and has little canvases sold separately. :) 

I learned to always keep my eye open for little finds. The notebooks were little goodie bag favors, and they are a good size for dolls. Also, keep an eye out at craft/farm/etc. shows, they often have cool booths with business cards, pens, pencils, and occasionally mini calendars. :)
I found these crayons as a goodie bag favor, the pencils were sharpened down ones my sister and I had, and the mini pens were a dollar store find, I think. 

Now, the light!! It was in the electronic section of the dollar tree, and I thought it was so cute!! They had several different colors, I saw red, blue, and black. :) 

If you press the button on the top, it actually turns on and off!! It is so cool!!

The mini tape was from dollar tree, and the glitter are actually tiny bottles of nail glitter. ^_^

Now for the biggest item, the caddy!!! I also found it at the dollar tree. (I like the dollar tree if you haven't noticed. XD) It has the two drawers that open and is a perfect doll size!! 

Also, this isn't really Back to School releated, but I found these mini lip balms that look just like Vaseline and soda!! There were several other soda brands as well. :) 

I hope you enjoyed this mini fun finds post!! Talk to you guys tomorrow!! :D 


  1. Awesome finds, Marissa! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Great finds! I once found a doll sized guitar at Dollar Tree but didn't get it because (yes, this is lame) I didn't have a dollar. Wow.
    Awesome job anyways! I love that caddy! I'm headed there tomorrow to get that guitar and anything else I find that will work!

    1. I have seen small guitars before!! That's not lame, I probably would have got a guitar as well, but I'm found a doll sized skateboard that I liked better. XD