Thursday, August 4, 2016

Camp Dolliwatha: Make a backdrop for school pictures!!!

Hello everyone!!! Today I am making a super easy doll backdrop for Back to School photos!! :)
Also, I apologize for the terrible lighting in the past two crafts, it has been raining every little bit, so I wasn't able to go outside to take decent craft photos, but today
 I was able to go outside in between it raining. :)
~What you will need~
- A Tri-fold (I used a large one cut in half)
-Scrapbook paper
-a few clothespins
I love taking pictures and making doll scenes with a Tri-Fold, because it always
makes for good lighting, but the white background can be kinda
bland so........
I took some scrapbook paper and used clothespins to hold it in place,
and instant backdrop!! After you are finished, it folds right up
and can be used as a doll bedroom, school, or you could use it for a human school project. ;)
Here are some different scrapbook paper backgrounds:
Green pattern

Pink butterfly

And even notebook paper!!

If you made today's mini craft, email Loren up to 3 photos at
and she will include them in the weekly recap on Saturday!!