Monday, August 1, 2016

Camp Dolliwatha: Make doll textbooks!!

Hello and welcome to the "Back to School week" of Camp Dolliwatha!!! Today I am going to be making doll sized textbooks for school!! 

•What you will need•
- Cardstock or thick paper
- Index cards
- Markers, pens, crayons *optional*
- Stapler
- pencil 

Draw or print out an image on the Cardstock ( I used mircrosoft word's clipart, but google images or just drawing an image would work) and lay an index card on top of the image and trace around the card.

Take a few index cards (I used 3) and fold them in half, then stack them inside of each other, so it looks like a booklet. 

Cut out your image or drawing on the lines you traced, fold it in half, and stack it on top of the folded index cards. And then unfold the mini booklet, and staple along the crease. 
(That is a lot of folding...)

I made a few more using different colors and subjects...

And you are done!! Kimi offered to model the school books for me on the porch swing. :) 

 If you made today's craft, be sure to email Loren (up to 3 pictures) at