Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Camp Dolliwatha: Make a felt pencil/glasses case!!!

Hello everyone!!! Today's craft is how to make a doll pencil or glasses case!!!

~What you will need~
-hot glue, sewing machine, or needle and thread
-fabric markers *optional*
-doll pencil or glasses for sizing

Fold the felt in half, and I used a doll sized pencil to see how tall
 I wanted it to be, and mark it with a human sized pencil.

Cut one side of the felt at the pencil mark, so the back half
is a little taller.

Sew or glue an ''L'' shape up the side, but don't sew or glue the top.

 And you are done!!! You can also decorate it with fabric markers,
puffy paint, unicorn glitter, or whatever you like!!!

I made mine big enough to fit a pair of doll glasses, just in ''case' my dolls lose
their glasses case. ;)
(Pun intended)
If you made today's craft, be sure to email Loren up to 3 pictures at and she will include your pictures at the weekly recap Saturday!!!
Until tomorrow,


  1. What a great idea, Marissa! Saige just got glasses and I'm sure she would love this. :)

  2. Thank you, I read your post about it, Saige looks beautiful in glasses. :)