Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Who should GOTY 2017 be?? Tag

Hello!! Just recently, the lovely Kara nominated me for the ''Who should GOTY 2017 be'' tag. Thank you for nominating me Kara!! Onward to the questions!!!

What is your GOTY’s Name? (nickname?)
Fiona Thawne (Thanks to my sister for the name idea!!!)
How does she look?
She has the Ivy face mould, turquoise eyes, and ginger curly hair with side swept bangs. (Hair is very similar to Maryellen's)
13 years old
Fiona is quite shy and introverted around new people and doesn't like crowds. She is very creative, sweet, and caring.
Where does she live?
Montana. ;)
What does she enjoy doing?
Fiona LOVES painting and drawing, and is a very good artist. She also loves riding her bike, and playing with her Siamese kitten, Bailey.
Friends and siblings?
She has a 9 year old younger sister, Victoria.
Bailey, her Siamese cat, and her younger sister has 2 goldfish, Bob and Frank.
Describe her meet outfit (other outfits?)
Meet Outfit: Her favorite turquoise ombre sweater that matches her eyes, white washed jeans, a turquoise headband, and black flats.
Painting Outfit: her white tee shirt that has purple polka dots, a paint splattered art apron, purple shorts, and purple sneakers.
Pajamas: Mint green shirt that says "I love mermaids" with a scale pattern, gray shorts, mint green slippers, and two gray hair ties. (Fiona loves mermaids)
Fancy Outfit: a high-low dress that has cream lace, with a coral chevron skirt, and cowboy boots.
What else is in her collection?
Fiona's bike: A Gray bike with mint green detailed helmet and mint green bike streamers.
Fiona's Accessories: Over-the-shoulder messenger bag with panda design, her favorite sketchbook, 3 mechanical pencils with cute animal designs on them, and her phone.
Painting set: Mini easel with 2 blank canvases, and one painted one, paints, 2 paintbrushes, another sketchbook with pencil drawings, and a pencil.
Bed: White metal bunk bed she shares with her sister Victoria, 2 matresses, Fiona's white pillow, white bedspread with paint splatter designs and panda plushie, and her sister Victoria's yellow and pink unicorn printed bedspread with pink pillow, and unicorn plushie.
Anything else you’d like to share?
I think that is it!! This was SO much fun!! I tag anyone who would like to do this tag!! If you did do it, leave a link to you blog or your blogs name, and I will check out your answers to the tag!! (I love reading others peoples answers) ^-^ Adios!!


  1. I love your doll!!!!! I'm so glad you did it :)

  2. I love your ideas! I think I'll be doing this tag later this week!