Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My custom doll project

Hi everyone!!
As you may know, Isabelle was my first AG doll and has been well loved. Her hair is dry like straw, and knotty. I considered sending her in to the doll hospital, but I was scared to send her off. Sooo, I decided to re-wig her myself!! :) I was a little nervous, but I am so glad I did it!! I have a few in progress pictures. (Below) 

I ordered this wig (Apple Pie) from Beautifully Custom. It is a really pretty gingery color with slight red-orange tints, and it's very wavy and soft. :3

Awkward in progress picture. XD

My sister took off with Isabelle's old wig and put it on her stuffed elephant. XD (Sorry for the bad quality phone pictures!!)

I was afraid it would be hard to get the wig off, but it wasn't bad. I just used a spoon to pry it off. I used a clear tacky glue on the map dale of the wig, and superglue around the ends of the wig. 

Now for after pictures!!

I officially present to you...... Kennedy!! She doesn't have a last name yet, any suggestions?? Please comment below!!

I sewed her shirt and ironed on the pusheen transfer. ^-^

I hope you guys enjoyed reading!! I hope to feature Kennedy in some photo stories soon. Do you have a custom doll?? What is your dream custom doll/or doll you wish AG would make?? ~Marissa 

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  1. okAY CAN I JUST SAY SHE'S GORGEOUS AND I NEED HER SHIRT. because pusheen the cat why not. xD