Friday, October 21, 2016

Rebecca visits Outer Banks

Good day everyone!! If you follow me on Instagram, or have read my blog post on Dancing In The Rain, you may know that I visited Outer Banks, NC for a week back in September. Rebecca, my semi custom doll my sister gave me, was the doll of choice to go, and she wanted to post about her adventures!! I will let Rebecca take it from here!!

Hello everyone, Rebecca here!! I got the opportunity to go Outer Banks with Marissa, and I am so glad I did! I have never been to the beach before, so everything was so fun and new!

Marissa and her family went to the beach several times, but she made sure I got to go to the beach before we went home.

I was hunting for shells, but I was only able to find a few. Marissa said she would share the doll sized ones she found though. ;) 

Ooh, there is a shell!! I had no clue Marissa took this picture, I should have grabbed that shell.
The ocean was simply breathtaking, definitely different than the mountains in which I live. I wanted to get closer, but Marissa said I have to be careful, she didn't want me to get swept away in the currents!

Next we went to the Wright Brothers Muesum, which was rather interesting, but do you know my favorite part?

               The statues!! There were several of the outside, and I had a ton of fun posing on them!

                               "Excuse me mister Wright, I'm just going sit here and watch." :P

''Behold, tiny person, history being made.''

 ''I believe this tiny person belongs to you Marissa, please take her. She keeps muttering strange things such as wanting to 'take a selfie' with me.''
Why is this here I swear I didn't write this...
(Edit from Marissa: I did) :3
          I didn't get to take a picture with this gentleman, but he still looked pretty cool. :)

There was a stone that marked the beginning of their flights, and markers along a path telling how long they flew, the distance, and the pilot. I got a picture sitting atop all 4, but the pictures didn't turn out very well. :/

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pictures, this was Marissa's first time taking pictures in public, so she was a little nervous. ;)
Thanks for reading!!
(With assistance from Marissa)

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