Sunday, November 20, 2016

Chrismas decorating with Kennedy!!!

*Kennedy's POV*

  "Ta-Da!!" Danielle said as she shoved the box of tree ornaments and decorations to the center of the room. "Are you go big to decorate the house today??" I asked. Danielle nodded enthusiastically. "We're off for Thanksgiving break this week, so I figured it would be a perfect time to decorate!!" Danielle turned to Rebecca.  Do you want to help us??' She asked her.  Rebecca tossed her head slowly. "No thanks, I told Kimi I would help her begin baking for Thanksgiving, but thanks anyway.'' She stood up and headed to the kitchen. without saying another word.

  "Ummm, okay... Would you like to help me Kennedy?" Dani asked. "Of course!! I responded. I grabbed the nutcracker that was lying on the floor and got to work.

  The nutcracker was placed on the desk...

 Christmas pillows donned the couch..

And Dani and I decorated the new tree. Mom had given her sister (Owl Lover) our normal tinsel tree, and Mom gave us this tree to use. 

 (Ignore the random dog hair, Pepper insisted on helping.) :P

  I carefully picked up a shiny pink bulb, and Dainelle grabbed a deep blue one from the box. 

"Christmas is my favorite holiday." I said, shifting my weight so I didn't fall off the couch. "Same here!! I first came here Christmas 2014, so it brings back happy memories." Responded Danielle.

After Danielle and I switched places,
 The dust from the tree was messing with my sinuses, and I let out a sneeze, which scared Danielle and caused her to drop an ornament. "Pepper no!!!'' Dani screeched as Pepper lunged for the blue bulb. Luckily I caught it in time, silly Pepper!! "Are you okay??" I asked Dani. "I'm fine.." Danielle replied, trying to get her balance. 

After we finished decorating the tree, we marched up the stairs to scope out what Rebecca and Kimi cooked up. I'm not good at mini house tours, but I'll give it a try. Mom moved the kitchen upstairs to where Kimi's bedroom was, and she moved her desk downstairs. 
The bedroom pretty much stayed the same, we just added the desktop tree.

And last, but definitely not least, the kitchen!! We didn't decorate much up here either, we just added some lights and the little house figurine.

We wanted to keep the living room more open, because with 6 girls in the house, extra seating is always welcome!! :P

*Bonus picture of the tree with the lights turned off* 

I hope you enjoyed this post!! What is your favorite Christmas tradition?  This is my first Christmas with my new sisters, but I always loved wearing Christmas-ish pajamas all day Christmas Eve.  :)
Have a great day!!

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  1. That's so cool! I love the doll Christmas tree - where did you get it? :D

    -Clara <3