Friday, April 28, 2017

My thoughts on Z

Hello!! Long time no post, I know. But I am back!! I will be posting from my phone for a while, until I save up for an actual laptop. I haven't done a "opinion on the new releases" type post in forever, so why not!!!

First off, the lovely Z herself!! I already have #64, so I won't be getting her. (plus she has the curse of the permapanties) but I think she is adorable!! I love how AG is including the agig community with Z. I have heard several people say she is essentially 64 just with a birthmark, but I noticed her bangs are on the other side than 64's are.
Z's accessories: Even though they reused the glasses and the jacket looks identical to Lanie's and the old MAG jacket, this set is still cute. 
Z's Sightseeing outfit: Umm...not really feeling the vibe here... Is this what kids wear nowadays?? (Wow I sound old) Because I sure don't wear anything like that. I kinda wish they would have given Z clothing that actual kids wear. (More converse, less neon colors people!!) 
Z's Filming accessories: I LOVE THIS SET SOO MUCH OH MY GOODNESS. I want it. 0.0 The whole set (minus the backpack of course) is black!! Not the usual bright unrealistic colors!! This is definitely on my wish list. (Look at the little sticker like designs on the backpack!!)
Z's Scooter: Ehhh. It's not anything special for me, it's just your average scooter, BUT the little action cam is cool.
Z's Dog: Ah yes, the very creative and totally original Dalmatian dog. Again, nothing really special to me. 
Z's Easy Breezy outfit: Umm, what?? No offense, this whole outfit is a train wreck. There are so many different colors and prints, it just doesn't work in my opinion. Plus didn't they used to have a MAG outfit called the easy breezy outfit??Looking at her collection, it appears Z likes mismatched outfits??
Z's Desk: This is cute. I'm glad that it is wooden, not plastic. The laptop is cute.

Well, that's it for my thoughts!! Would you like to see more posts like this?? (On Tenney and Logan, Felicity, and Gabriela) What is your favorite thing from Z's collection?? Mine is definitely the filming set. :3 Bye for now!!

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