Monday, May 29, 2017

Star for a day: a photostory

 (Kimi's Point of View)

I was outside taking a walk when I ran into Alexandria. She had been at a friend's house working on some homework. "Hey Alexandria!!" I waved.

"Hey Kimi, what's up?" she asked.
"Nothing much, I was just out for a walk." I replied, eyeing her outfit.
"Hey, your outfit looks like something the new Girl of the year would wear!!" I joked.

Alexandria looked down at her outfit and giggled. "It kinda does, doesn't it??" She laughed.
"I have an idea, do you have a marker in your bag??" Alexandria shrugged and handed her bag to me.

I grabbed a washable marker and a pair of reading glasses from the bookbag and pulled out my phone.

 "Reporter Z Yang here with the famous dancer and poet Gabriela McBride!!" I shouted as I began recording.

 Alexandria began a fit of giggling and started dancing, ending with an exaggerated bow.

While we were recording more videos we didn't even notice Emma Jane bounding
up to us, Pepper at her heels. "What are you guys doing?" she asked, a look of confusion spread across her face.
"We are pretending to be Gabriela and Z!!" Alexandria responded.
"Sounds fun!!! Wait, can I borrow the marker for a moment??
Emma Jane smirked.

 Emma Jane took the marker and scribbled a mass of freckles across her nose and a large freckle above her lip. "Ta-Da!! I'm Tenney Grant!!"
 I pulled out my phone from my pocket and began recording again. "Z again, with a MAJOR bombshell. I am now joined by the talented dancer/poet Gabriela McBride AND the famous singer Tenney Grant!!"
We spent the afternoon taking videos of us badly singing and dancing and attempting to take selfies. (Which is harder than you think since we are dolls and have a natural tendency to look away from the camera...)

 It was fun being famous, even though it was only pretend.
Singing off:
Tenney Emma Jane, Gabriela Alexandria, and Z Kimi.


  1. That. Was. Great! I loved it! Fantabulous job, ya'll! I seriously cracked up at this!
    ~ LIght4theLord

    1. Thank you so much for commenting!! I really enjoyed taking the pictures for it, it was fun. ^-^