Friday, May 19, 2017

Tutorial: DIY doll printed blanket

Hello everyone!! Recently, I made a printed blanket for my dolls using fabric paint and old scraps of fabric, and I decided to make a tutorial on it!! :3
Let's get started!! <3

Kennedy is modeling the blanket for us. :)
What you will need:
• Fabric 
• Fabric paint (any color)
• paintbrush
• stamp
• cardboard
• needle and thread (or sewing machine)
• (optional) if you don't have a stamp: scissors, craft foam, and hot glue

I wanted to make a blanket with the Voltron (a favorite show of mine) logo, so I cut it out on a peice of craft foam, made another, cut out a circle bigger than the logo, and glued them together. Instant stamp. :P
I didn't have a desk to work on, but it is probably recommended. I laid a peice of cardboard (or a folder) beneath the fabric so the paint won't leak through onto your workspace. (Or carpet, in my case)

Take your paintbrush and fabric paint, and paint onto the stamp. (I just started out with a tiny bit of fabric paint and added more as needed.)

Stamp it onto the fabric, and you have your logo!! It doesn't always stamp perfectly, so you may have to go over it with the paintbrush a bit to fix any imperfections.

And then....copy it a few million times. XD 

Almost done!!

Once you finish stamping it, hang it up or lay it somewhere safe to dry!! (I also made a shirt using the same pattern) 

The fabric I used frays easily, so you may want to take a needle and thread/sewing machine to hem the edges. All done!! 
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!!
~Marissa <3

P.S. What is your favorite show to watch currently?? Mine is Voltron, Gravity falls, and the Flash. :P

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