Meet My Dolls :)

Alexandria Rae
 Nickname(s): Alex, Alexis
Favorite color(s): aqua, magenta, and glitter. (Totally an actual color)
Favorite Food: Pizza!!
Favorite Season: spring
Hobbies: designing outfits and shopping (is that a hobby?)
Fun Fact: I was found at a thrift store for three dollars!!!
Adoption date: April 29th, 2014
Favorite movie/show: any Disney movie
Likes: Glitter, fashion, clothes, spending time with her sisters, blogging, doing her hair, aesthetic, and pranking Emma Jane
Dislikes: School, bad fashion choices, salad, bad hair days, and most vegetables.
Personality (by Marissa): Alexandria is my fashion diva. At times, she can be REALLY dramatic, just ask her sisters!! She is outgoing, funny, stubborn, and trendy.
 Danielle Rayne
Nickname(s): Dani
Favorite color(s): Pink and gray
Favorite Food: Tacos, chocolate, and baked ziti
Favorite Season: summer or autumn
Hobbies: Dancing, reading, traveling, fangirling and blogging
Fun Fact: I am Marissa's lookalike!!!
Adoption date: December 24th, 2014
Favorite movie/show: Gravity Falls, Miraculous Ladybug, any crime show
Likes: anything miniature, being introverted. her glasses, animals, crime shows, pusheen, the sound of rain, Disney, being a ninja, fairy lights, going new places
Dislikes: Bad grammar, socializing, being outside in the dark, crowds, bugs, being a procrastinator.  
Personality (by Marissa): Danielle is my lookalike. She is the introvert of the family. She is shy, but once you get to know her she is really sweet and funny. (And sometimes crazy, in a good way)

Emma Jane
Nickname(s): Emma, EJ
Favorite Color(s): Blue, Green, and Yellow
Favorite Food: Cheez-its, pizza, granola bars, and basically any snack food
Favorite Season: summer
Hobbies: Volleyball, swimming, being sarcastic, soccer, and skateboarding
Fun Fact: I am the tomboy of the family. ;)
Adoption Date: Sometime in May 2015
Favorite movie/show: The Flash and Voltron: Legendary Defender
Likes: Sports, skateboarding, roller blading, minecraft,  summer, The Flash, being sarcastic, her goldfish, and aggravating Alexandria
Dislikes: Fashion, the color pink, school, and her glasses.
Personality: (By Marissa) Emma Jane is the tomboy of the family. She is very confident, and headstrong (Sometimes a little TOO confident..) but she is a good listener. :)

Kimiko Weilan
 Nickname(s): Kimi
Favorite color(s): bright, sunny colors
Favorite Food: Smoothies
Favorite Season: summer!!!
Hobbies: photography, swimming, traveling, playing the guitar, and jewelry making
Fun Fact: I am the first Truly me doll, the other girls (except Kennedy, she is a custom) are MAGs. :)
Adoption date: Sometime in November 2015
Favorite movie/show: Mako Mermaids and H2o: Just add water
Likes: The ocean, traveling, calm music, tropical things, collecting seashells, making jewelry, Hawaii, mermaids,
Dislikes: Being homesick, sunburns, winter
Personality (by Marissa): Kimi is a very go-with-the-flow kind of girl. She is very calm and rather quiet, and is often daydreaming. Kimi is the peacemaker of the family, often breaking up fights between Alexandria and Emma Jane. ;)
 Kennedy ??
Nickname(s): Pidge (Her gaming username)
Favorite color(s): mint green
Favorite Food: Peanut butter
Hobbies: thrift shopping, gaming, crafting, sewing, being a tech geek
Fun Fact: I am the first custom doll!! I used to be Isabelle Palmer (see below)
Adoption date: sometime October 2016
Favorite movie/show: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Likes: spring, technology, her pin bag, playing video games, flowers, pusheen, her family
Dislikes: slow wifi, when crafts go terribly wrong, and peanuts. (They are just so dry!!)
Personality (by Marissa): Kennedy is based off of Pidge from Voltron: Legendary Defender. She is a tech geek, but unlike her show counterpart. she loves being crafty and is a very upbeat person.
~~Former Inner Star Studios Members~~
Isabelle Palmer
(Now Kennedy)
 Nickname(s): Izzy
Favorite color(s): coral and gold
Favorite Food: Hmm, probably cookies or anything sweet :)
Hobbies: sewing, cooking, designing, and dancing
School: Anna Hart School of the Arts
Fun Fact: I was the first AG doll!!!
Adoption date: January 7th, 2014
Likes: Dance, American Girl mini dolls, blogging, animals, anything pink, the nutcracker, my little pony, cooking, Frozen, sewing,  spending time with her sisters, and being in charge.
Dislikes: bad hair days, when Danielle hogs the computer, and shaved cats. (They look rather weird..)
Personality (by Marissa): Isabelle is one of the most mature girls here. She is very positive and sweet.  She is kinda the cook of the family. (Most of the girls refuse to learn how) She is a great listener and is always there for you. :)


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